5 Inventive Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Homeowners are always on the lookout for additional storage. Luckily, the often-neglected area below the staircase provides the perfect space for cabinets and drawers. You can even convert it into a workspace environment or practical living area with a little ingenuity.

Below is a look at five creative under stairs storage ideas you should try.

1. Reading Nook

If you’re researching modern under stairs ideas, this is one idea you’ll love. That space under your staircase can act as a good spot for a cozy book nook or mini-library. All you need to do is to install some shelves or cabinets and proceed to fill them with books.

Consider adding cool lighting, a few throw cushions or pillows, and a nice bench. As basic as they may appear, these few items will help transform the space under the stairs into a comfortable chill spot.

2. Home Office

Don’t have a designated home office in the house? Worry not! And the good news is that you don’t have to give up that extra bedroom to create a home office. You can use these under stairs space ideas to transform this space into a cozy home office.

Alternatively, you can also check out Tylko’s article about using space under the stairs https://journal.tylko.com/6-creative-ideas-how-to-use-space-under-the-stairs/. It contains some great ideas on how to use one of the most overlooked spaces in a house.

3. Put Together a Coat and Shoe Closet

As a homeowner, you can never have enough space for all the coats and shoes in your house. But did you know that the space below your staircase can make for an excellent under stairs shoe storage area?

You don’t need many items to make it work for you. Gather a few hangers, rods, shelves, and hooks to store bags, umbrellas, scarfs, hats, and even shoes. If you like, you can even consider adding a door to conceal its existence.

4. Covert Laundry Room

Not all homeowners are fortunate enough to have space for a laundry room in their houses, especially those who live in the city. While you may not have thought about it before, the space you need to hold a washer and dryer may have been staring at you all along.

Homeowners interested in under stairs ideas in living room can use this particular tip creatively.

5. Kitchen Pantry

Inventive homeowners can never run out of ideas for space under stairs, especially when the said stairs are close to the kitchen. You can use this space to create pantry storage for your non-perishable food items.

Such a move will allow you to make the present dining/kitchen area more comfortable.